Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has made more than $40 million available to a variety of projects and services across the state.

The largest beneficiary will be the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson, which will see $18 million in structural and cosmetic improvements.

Other state facilities will receive $7 million for maintenance and repairs and Missouri’s state parks will be the benefactor of $5 million.

Press Release from the Office of Governor Jay Nixon 

Citing the benefits of Missouri’s fiscal discipline, Gov. Jay Nixon today made available $40.1 million for a variety of programs and projects for the current fiscal year, including $18 million in improvements at the State Capitol building and $5 million for projects at Missouri State Parks.

“My administration has worked diligently to protect our perfect AAA credit rating and keep our state on a fiscally sustainable path,” Gov. Nixon said. “This sound fiscal management allows me to release these funds that can be put to use in several state programs and make long-term capital improvements.”

The largest amount of expenditure restrictions released today was $18 million for the Missouri State Capitol building. Those funds will be used to extend the life of the historic structure by sealing and waterproofing the exterior of the south side of the building, which will improve the overall appearance, structural stability and water shedding capacity of the building.

In other releases for capital improvements, the Governor made $7 million available for state facilities maintenance and repair, and $5 million for projects at Missouri State Parks.

The $10.1 million made available for the FY2014 operating budget includes $5.8 million that was part of a four percent restriction in several programs; $562,000 for the Division of Tourism; $750,000 for small business programs under the Missouri Department of Economic Development; $500,000 for dental programs at rural health clinics; $200,000 for the Elks Mobile Dental program to provide dental services to children and adults with disabilities; and $50,000 for the Missouri Department of Transportation.