Missouri and 29 other states deny voting rights to those who are on probation or parole.

Fees and fines assigned to those on probation and parole delay the reinstatement of voting rights for many Americans and Missouri is one of many states that only restores those rights when probation and parole are completed according to a new study. Campaign Legal Center worker, Danielle Lang, says this law,

“…will in turn ensure that you’re not able to restore your voting rights until much later because you’re unable to pay.”

Missourians that this law effects most are those of low-income, and people of color, on probation and parole. Lang adds,

“…sometimes the people who are historically disenfranchised in a number of ways are double disenfranchised by this system.”

According to the report conducted by Georgetown University and Campaign Legal Center more than $50 billion in fines and fees bestowed upon those on probation or parole are applied to millions of Americans.