It’s been a difficult start of the week for residents of the small town in Ray County.  There’s no running water and the water tower’s run dry.  Sometime after midnight, or in the very early am hours Monday, it was discovered.   Two separate main lines that deliver water to the town had burst.  There was already a boil order in place since Saturday when a line broke, but that was fixed and people were hoping they’d be on the way to service again.  There are reports tonight that now a third main line has broke, connecting the service lines the water tower.  Hardin is connected to a rural water district, however inside the city limits municipal crews have the responsibility to maintain the service lines.   And its going to be a couple days at least before things return to normal.  The water tower has to reach a certain capacity before the right pressure can be developed just to even test the water.  Residents may receive important updates regarding the matter via textcaster, by visiting the town’s website.