The Board of Alderman for the City of Norborne met Monday night for their regular session. Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone talk with Norborne Mayor Roger Leabo.

Roger Leabo

Members heard from a local resident to open the night’s proceedings. The citizen asked the board to do something about her neighbor’s unkempt dog pen. The resident has medical conditions that are agitated by the smell emanating from the animal enclosure as well as the abundant presence of flies and other pests. Alderman Josh Laire of Ward II stated that there is an ordinance already in place that addresses the fouling of the air and other detrimental environmental effects of dirty animal enclosures. The board directed Police Chief David Clemmons to take a copy of the ordinance to the offending party’s residence and instruct them to comply with the law.

Next on the agenda was a report from Chief Clemmons who reported total hours of work, service calls, arrests and the need of a new spotlight for his cruiser. Chief Clemmons also advised the board he will be taking medical leave in November to deal with a health issue.

Members then discussed the possibility of posting a no parking sign or other measure to address the near collisions of semis and tractor-trailers with parked vehicles at the intersection of Second and Pine Streets. Mayor Roger Leabo says this request has been a long time coming.

“It has been kind of a problem because the trucks have gotten a lot longer and it runs on a state black top, Route D, and it makes it hard for them to get around the curve…” Leabo said. “So, when they try to turn, if somebody is parked on that corner they can’t make it. We are going to check with the state and see if they’ve got any ideas, since it’s on their Route,” he adds.

One possible solution discussed would be to designate a truck route that would turn the big rigs at the intersection of Second and Walnut next to City Hall, bypassing the business district.

A discussion on an easement and water line project was put off till a later date. That was due to Area Specialist with the United States Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Barbara Ross, being furloughed during the Government Shutdown.

The discussion then turned to the disrepair of a section of Third Street and Second Street. Mayor Roger Leabo says that funds are thin and fixing those problem spots will take some time.

“First thing, we are going to have to wait till the next year’s budget to have enough money to do anything with it,” Leabo said. “…then were just going to try to level out some spots that’s got washed in there, and try to make them a little bit smoother… ” he adds.

The board briefly discussed a temporary tax to fund street repairs but the issue was tabled, pending discussion with City Attorney Jack Franken.

City Clerk Jennifer Hamilton also informed the board that she had sent notice to the Federal Government, providing proof that the city offers health coverage to employees. This is to keep the city in compliance with provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

The final discussion was of the drainage ditch along Cemetery Road. Part of the discussion was on the need to find a source of approximately 4,000 cubic yards of dirt to fill in the ditch once the drainage pipe is put in place. The Mayor stated that there has been “…no progress yet, just trying to get figures together so we can have a meeting to find out where the money is gonna come from” Leabo said.

The Board of Aldermen will gather for their next regular meeting on Monday November 4th at 7 p.m.