A pair of Norborne residents were sentenced in federal court Tuesday for destroying two bald eagle nests on their Ray County property.  Ronald Gibson, 70, and Todd Gibson, 49, were each given two years of probation.  The father and son were also ordered to each pay a $5,000 fine.

The Gibsons admitted to contracting with a logging company to have two trees that housed the nests removed from their property.  Joe Gardner Logging and Sawmill Company, owned by Teddy Gardner, 65, of Breckenridge, were directed to cut down the timber in March 2010.  Ronald Gibson admitted that he knew the bald eagle nest was in the tree. Michael Gardner, 54, of Pattonsburg, an employee of Teddy Gardner, operated the saw that cut down the cottonwood tree containing the bald eagle nest.

Michael and Teddy Gardner pleaded guilty to destroying a bald eagle nest and await sentencing.  Todd Gibson admitted that he asked the Gardners to return to the farm property in April 2010 to complete the logging so the property could be farmed. At that time, Todd Gibson directed them to cut down another tree that contained a bald eagle nest.