During the Annual Banquet for the Norborne FFA Chapter that was held last night, many students and community members were recognized for their achievements throughout the previous year.  This chapter currently has 52 active participants. It was an emotional night for most of members that attended since this will probably be the last time they put on that beautiful blue corduroy jacket.

Past Chapter President, Kaylea Wood, who is a senior said she is very confident in the ability of all the current and future chapter members and officers.  Kaylea will be going to Northwest Missouri State to work on her Early Childhood Special Education and Occupational Therapy.

To hear Kaylea Wood talk to KMZU’s Mandy Young about her experiences and her messages to her fellow chapter members and Advisor Kelly Kee.


Congratulations to all the winners for their hard work and dedication.

The following awards were presented at Tuesday’s banquet:

Top Fruit Salesman-

Zack Craven  He sold over $2000 worth of fruit and nuts.

KMZU’s Mandy Young got a chance to talk to Zack about his acheivements. Click below to hear that conversation.


Discovery FFA Degree-

Hannah Mansur, Seth Gibson, Katie Wood, Dawson Dunkin, Kindyl Laire, Laruen Kerby, Kamryn Lee, Hunter Hall, Nelle Finley, Evan Glaze Kaed Kallenberger, Lee Cowsert, and Zach Smith

Gene Matthews Scholarship-

Ross Lyon

Lyon & Lyon Scholarship-

Kaylea Wood

Ross Lyon

Lyon & Lyon Swine Award-

Zack Lyon

American Degree-

Lucas Matthews

Chapter Leadership Awards-

Greenhands:   Morgan Baxter, Logan Korff, Bethany Miller, Callie Ellis, Maddie Pieper, and Alix Isom

Sophmores:  Jordan High, Cody Weisz, and Crystal Brooke

Juniors:  Erica Kerby, Michael Carpenter, Sierra Lawson, and Angie Hamilton

Seniors:  Kaylea Wood, Cheyenne Baxter, Macayla Albee, and Zack Craven

Chapter Scholarship Awards-

Greenhands:   Morgan Baxter, Bethany Miller, Logan Korff, and Madeline Pieper

Sophmores:  Crystal Brooke, Jordan High, and Allison Hamilton

Juniors:  Angie Hamilton, Erica Kerby, Michael Carpenter, and Sierra Lawson

Seniors:  Cheyenne Baxter, Kaylea Wood, Macayla Albee, Ross Lyon, and Zack Craven

Chapter Farmer Degree-

Allison Hamilton, Jordan High, Cody Weisz, Michael Carpenter, Steven Moore, and Crystal Brooke

Star Chapter Farmer Award-

Michael Carpenter

Star Ag Placement Award-

Angie Hamilton


Morgan Baxter, Logan Korff, Molly Falke, Bethany Miller, Maddie Pieper, Blake Mason, Trace Elliott, Wayne Albee, Callie Ellis and Alix Isom

Star Greenhand Award-

Logan Korff

Blue & Gold Award-

Zack Craven

Work Horse Award-

Kaylea Wood

DeKalb Agriculture Accomplishment Award-

Kaylea Wood

Honorary Degree Award-

Mrs. Judy Carpenter

KMZU’s Mandy Young got a chance to talk to Mrs. Carter and got her reaction to receiving this recognition. Click below to hear that conversation.


Outstanding Junior-

Angie Hamilton

Supporter Recognition Awards-

Jennifer Courtney, Jason Lee, Ben Weisz, Sarah Moentmann, Doug Carpenter, Hannah Woodward, and Nikki Scott

Agriculture Proficiency Awards-

Zack Craven-Diversified Agriculture Production

Erica Kerby-Goat Production

Michael Carpenter-Beef Production-Placement

Michael Carpenter-Diversified Crop Production

Area II FFA Contest Awards-

Cheyenne Baxter-Chapter Treasurer’s Book-Gold

Macayla Albee-Chapter Secretary’s Book-Silver

Crystal Brooke, Zack Craven and Jordan High-Chapter Scrapbook-Gold

Crystal Brooke-Advanced Public Prepared Speaking-Silver

Jordan High-Division II Public Speaking-Gold

Morgan Baxter-Creed Speaking-Gold, Advanced to Districts

Zack Craven-Diversified Agricultural Production-3rd place


New Officers were installed during last night’s banquet.

Norborne FFA 2013-2014 Officers


2012-2013 Chapter Officers:                                        2013-2014 Officers:

President-Kaylea Wood                                                                President-Angie Hamilton

Vice President-Angie Hamilton                                  Vice President-Crystal Brooke

Secretary-Macayla Albee                                             Secretary-Jordan High

Treasurer-Cheyenne Baxter                                       Treasurer-Cody Weisz

Reporters-Crystal Brooke                                             Reporters-Bethany Miller

Jordan High                                                                       Maddie Pieper

Sentinel-Cody Weisz                                                      Sentinel-Logan Korff

Historian-Zack Craven                                                    Historian-Wayne Albee