A Northwestern Missouri county has been awarded funds for a construction project. Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talk with Presiding Commissioner Bud Motsinger and Western District Commissioner Gerald McBriar:

Bud Motsinger and Gerald McBriar

Running short on space, the Caldwell County Commissioners have been approved for a Community Development Block Grant to help build a new Nutrition Center in Polo. Motsinger said in addition to more room, the facility will have a number of added benefits. “It’s been fairly crowded in the current center.  This new building will have more space and it will also provide better access for the handicapped.”

In fact, the new facility is going to be about 2,400 sq. ft.

According to Motsinger, the center serves many purposes and an expansion was inevitable. “They can go to the nutrition center and have a place to get together with other seniors – whether it is playing cards, reading the paper, or drinking coffee.  It is more than a food distribution center.  It harbors social activities as well.”

The new facility will remain at the current location on Highway 13 and Motsinger expects to get started on construction in the near future. “We don’t have a date set for the groundbreaking.  We expect to have it later this fall and then construction will start a little after that,” Motsinger added.

The county was awarded more than $285,000 and Motsinger said they will need an additional $30,000 for construction.