800px-Loose-park-westportKANSAS CITY, Mo. — Multiple organizations are joining together to put forward a new initiative granting every child in the United States the opportunity to get outdoors and explore nature.

“Every Kid In A Park,” was announced by President Barack Obama early in September. The initiative gained nearly immediate support from the Federal Inter-agency Council on Outdoor recreation and the U.S. Army Coprs of Engineers. The initiative provides U.S. fourth graders and their families free admission to nearly 12, 000 parks in the country for a full year.

“The ‘Every Kid In A Park’ initiative will connect kids to their local parks, so they can continue to take advantage of all that our outdoors has to offer,” said the assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works, Jo-Ellen Darcy in a news release. “Millions of children visit Army Corps of Engineers parks with their families and classrooms each year, and this intiative will help introduce millions more to the joys of recreation, education and our nation’s water resources.”

By completing an activity on the “Get Your Pass” section of the initiative’s website, kids can get a printable version of their full admission pass. According to a release from the Army Corps of Engineers, the main goal with the initiative is to close the disconnect between today’s youth and the outdoors.

“With a majority of Army Corps of Engineers’ recreation areas located within 50 miles of metropolitan centers, our sites offer thousands of fourth graders, their families and educators easy access to many different types of recreational experiences,” explained Major General Ed Jackson, Deputy Commanding Gederal for Civil and Emergency Operations.

More information on the “Every Kid In A Park” initiative can be found by clicking here.