MISSOURI — The Missouri State Highway Patrol has announced that a six state campaign focused on obeying the speed limit was extremely successful.

Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas and Oklahoma all joined efforts to keep those who speed at bay. More than 7,700 speeding tickets were issued in all six states. From July 21 to July 23, Missouri officers issued the following:

3728 Total Number of Traffic Citations Issued
316 Total Number of Seat Belt Citations Issued
1951 Total Number of Speed Citations Issues
2148 Total Number of Traffic Warnings Issued
54 Total DWI Arrests and Citations
106 Total Commercial Vehicle Citations Issued
67 Total Commercial Vehicle Warnings Issued
79 Total Drug Arrests Made
213 Felony Arrest/Other

“While we’re pleased with the results of this effort to crack down on speeding, we still have a long way to go,” said Bill Whitfield, director of Highway Safety for the Missouri Department of Transportation. “Speed continues to be one of the leading factors in fatal crashes in Missouri.”

According to a news release, 180 crashes were reported during the campaign. 33 of those crashes were speed-related.