ODESSA, Mo – A meeting of the Odessa Board of Aldermen began on a positive note.  Comments from the general public usually involve complaints, but one resident had only compliments for the board.

A report from Mayor, Adam Couch, included information about the upcoming Odessa Marching Invitational October 22.

A discussion resumed which contemplated the future disposal of city yard waste.  A burn pile at the reservoir had to be shut down because of complaints from residents, some mismanagement of the pile, and to keep non-residents from using the pile.  A future site would restrict access to city residents only, with no commercial dumping allowed.  Alderman Steve Lockhart suggested a location on Railroad Street that could be easily monitored and fenced in during evening hours.  There was also talk of requiring users to provide proof of residency on demand.  The city is considering the use of a 30-yard container provided by Heartland Waste, for disposal of yard debris.  The cost would be absorbed by the city.  No official action has been taken.

Permission was received by the United Methodist Church to conduct a live nativity scene, December 10 or 17 on church grounds, facing 1st Street.  It would open at 6 p.m. and also involve several live animals.  Other churches in the area are also involved with the effort.

Approval was given for the sale of several pieces of city equipment, including pickup trucks and mowers that have either been replaced, or are no longer needed.

A new copier service lease would generate an estimated $2952 in savings per year.  Interim City Administrator, Sidney Rustman, suggested it be used for much needed redundancies for e-mail storage.

Several resolutions were approved for a change of order to existing construction contracts.  Discussions about previously contracted work on Johnson Drive in Odessa, brought about some disagreement from board members.  The order extends improvements on Johnson Drive, another 300 feet to “connect the dots” in the words of one alderman, to curb and guttering further down the street.  The change would require additional funds, not currently budgeted, of approximately, $32,000.  Interim Administrator, Rustman warned against deviating from the recently approved budget.  Some aldermen, however, remarked that some previously discussed budget priorities may be misplaced, and cited funding for a survey to determine possible street improvements, as potentially, unneeded.  The board approved the work extension unanimously.

Interim Administrator, Rustman gave his report.