ODESSA, MO – At a scheduled Aldermen Board meeting Monday, Odessa city officials reviewed a contract for updates to Municipal software,  and considered street closings for upcoming Farmer’s Markets, beginning Thursday, April 20.

Unfinished business with the National League of Cities included a resolution to allow Utility Service Partners to offer their nation-wide service line warranty program to citizens of Odessa.  League representative, Lee Zell, says the program can be utilized by single families with a home, regardless of the condition of water and sewer at the residence.  Depending upon what service is desired, monthly payments for coverage of water lines, sewer lines, or in-home lines, would immediately be covered.  Those prices range from $5.75 to $9.99 per month, or a combination thereof.  Zell also said the coverage continues after 89 days from the last payment.  The resolution passed 4-1, with alderman Wright voting against, and alderman Carmody absent.

Approval of street closures passed by an even narrower margin for the 2nd annual Eat in the Street event.  The board voted 3-2 for approval.

Another request for street closures met heavier opposition, as the Lafayette County Farmer’s Market came before the board.  Letters from area businesses against the closures were reviewed by the board.  The decision was made to allow for the use of a concrete slab, to be made available at the old EMS building, which will be taken down by March 31.  A representative of the Farmer’s Market cited falling participation in event, and informed the board of possible solutions, such as offering a $20 gift certificate for new participants, or scheduling the markets for Saturdays.  The first Farmer’s Market is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, April 20.

A resolution for a costly municipal software upgrade was approved the board, 5-0.  According to city administrator, Nici Wilson, the current system is in an antiquated state, and the upgrade is sorely needed. An initial cost of $190,000 over two budget years was reportedly justified because the funds were deemed to be available in the Capital Improvement fund.  However, other scheduled projects would be suspended.

Names are being considered for the Community Committee, to be made up of 15 individuals.  The body would review the strategic plan for the city of Odessa.

The first aldermen board meeting for March was tentatively cancelled, in part, due to lack of sufficient agenda items.  The next meeting would be the fourth Monday in March.