The Odessa Board of Alderman met in regular session this week and the agenda was sparse. However, according to City Clerk and interim Administrator Marcella McCoy, a few things were addressed.

Marcella McCoy1

“There was an ordinance presented to do a budget amendment that the Board of Alderman chose to table next meeting,” McCoy said.

“They were asking for some additional information, so I am going to compile that to present at the next meeting. And then there was a liquor license approved for Thompson’s Country Kitchen. So, paperwork will be executed for them to obtain their liquor license from the State of Missouri.”

McCoy also noted the board continues its process for finding a permanent City Administrator following the resignation of Jon Holmes earlier this year.

Marcella McCoy2

“We have completed the first round of interviews, and are scheduling second interviews to be held with the Board of Alderman. Potentially the week of January the 5th, so that’s still in the works” she said.

“I think everything is kind of progressing. You know, the meetings in December are usually just housekeeping type stuff, if I can us that term. Just to kind of take care of necessary paperwork to finish out fiscal year, and what have you. So, there’s nothing else pending at this moment except that we just want a City Administrator.”

Jon Holmes stepped down in late September after making the announcement in August. McCoy has been seeing to those duties since.