An ordinance regarding signage was passed at Monday night’s Board of Aldermen meeting in Odessa.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross speak with City Administrator Jon Holmes:

Jon Holmes

Holmes said the ordinance was first brought forward several months ago, but some ambiguous language needed to be fixed.  “We just wanted to make sure that, just temporary signs, like for real estate agents and yard sales and stuff like that, were meeting the criteria that needed to be met,” said Holmes, “And then also to make sure that those type of signs weren’t going to be subject to a permit.”  Holmes said the main intention was to prevent too many billboards from being put up within the city limits.

The Board of Aldermen also continued a resolution regarding multi-family residences.  The Planning and Zoning Board did an evaluation of the town’s numbers of apartments and townhouses about a year ago, and found that Odessa’s number of apartments, townhouses, and other such structures compared to single-family homes was higher than the recommended ratio.  The resolution continues a moratorium on the building of multi-family residences until next January.