ODESSA, Mo – The Odessa Board of Aldermen met for the last time before the Christmas holiday, December 14, 2015.

The agenda was brief, including one ordinance, which was approved near the end of the meeting.  That action officially joined in a mutual aid agreement, Odessa Fire and Rescue with City Emergency Medical Services.

The board had to table the issue due to the pertinent document being not included in the agenda packet.

The renewal of a community project was approved for 2016.  DisMiss weekend was a community-wide event, last summer, during which volunteers improved over 10 low-income homes, over 60 yards were maintained, and nearly 600 residents were invited to block parties at the city’s four parks.  Those are statistics from the event’s coordinator, David Vailes.  He also predicted the number of volunteers will surge, as the Odessa community has expressed increased interest in the event.

Two local churches will continue to be responsible for the maintenance of the event, but will open the opportunity to all the city’s residents.

The newly named, “I Love Odessa” will occur during the Spring of next year, March 18th and 19th, with all Odessans invited to participate.  Information about the event will be included in future utility bills for January and February.

A request by Concordia Bank, which is in the process of finalizing construction plans for a building in Odessa, asked the board to approve construction material which is not listed in city codes.

The Planning and Zoning Board after approving certain siding material, subsequently sent the matter to the Aldermen Board for final approval.  However, the board remained silent after the request was formally presented, and no action was taken.  Later, during a report by the City Administrator, Alderman Stevens made clear his beliefs that possible city code violations were made in Concordia’s submittal of plans.  An additional temporary structure in the plans was at issue.  He also cited what he believed to be general contempt shown to the organizations of Odessa by Concordia Bank during the process.

As the city codes are examined, questions have been deferred to the city’s attorney, Clay Barton.   Representatives of Concordia Bank’s interests were not allowed to respond during that portion of the meeting, but will likely comment during later sessions.