Listen to the entire open-session Board of Aldermen meeting

A regular session of the Board of Aldermen met on May 11th to push through a brief agenda and to promote two to positions in city police.

In Old Business, two ordinances were read for the second reading and passed.  One ordinance regarding a payment plan for city utilities, (2898), and another ordinance regarding water and sewer deposit (2899) were passed with little discussion.

New Business approved certain appointments into city positions made by the Mayor of Odessa, and the passage of Resolution 2015-07 involving a contract with Nutri-Ject systems for the cleaning of the Water Treatment Plant.

A second resolution, due to last-minute removal of items in an agreement with Larkin, Lamp Rynearson, was tabled for review until the next session.

Officer Chris Bodenhamer was recognized, and promoted to Sergeant by Police Chief Newhouse.

Mayor Couch administered an oath to Michael Stahlke who was appointed to Reserve Officer.

The Board then adjourned to a closed session in which public personnel were discussed.