ODESSA, MO – At a meeting of Odessa aldermen Monday, requests were heard from the Planning and Zoning Board, and approved by aldermen.

A measure setting safety regulations for vacant commercial properties was passed after some discussion by aldermen.  Some of them feared enforcement issues and problems similar to those endured with the demolition of the old police building, due to mold problems.  Mayor Pro Tempore, Steve Wright, who sat in for an absent Mayor Adam Couch, had no such qualms.

A six month delay of the recent lifting of a construction moratorium was also requested by the P & Z Commission.  Codes and ordinances are being reviewed by the commission for multi-family dwellings and duplexes.  Accordingly, a moratorium on construction and improvements will be extended for those structures by six months.

The approved use of pole signs by some businesses had been part of a proposed code revision first introduced in 2012 by the P & Z Commission.  After working with multiple city officials for months, the Planning and Zoning Commission submitted the final product to aldermen, who reportedly failed to pass the measure without providing any feedback to the commission.  Mayor Pro Tem, Steve Wright wanted to flesh out the regulations as soon as possible.

At the Monday aldermen meeting, pole signs were approved as a single issue, in part because a business moving into the old Dollar General building would use an existing pole.  P & Z said, other businesses in that area already utilize pole signs.

A proclamation announcing Local Government Week was announced by the Mayor Pro Tem, and was followed up by comments from City Administrator Nici Wilson outlining plans for that week.

A second proclamation announced National Day of Prayer in Odessa.

A bid for tree trimming services was approved by the board.  City officials said municipal trucks could not access some locations.  Funds used to pay for the service had been part of previous budget allotments.

City insurance continues to pay for cleanup and services related to the aftermath of tornado damage inflicted upon the city in March.  A further resolution to that effect was approved by aldermen.