Trails Regional Library, Odessa Branch is currently in a temporary location but works are underway to build a new facility. This transitory location is much smaller which caused a loss of space for programing and most of the books are located in the basement which is not accessible to the public.  Regional Branch Manager, Linda Washam says they out grew their previous location. The group planned to stay there but the roof started falling in causing the need for a temporary facility.


Being in a smaller place has meant that there has been no room for the library programs and a number of books have to be stored in the basement. The public is not allowed in the basement. Workers have to go and retrieve whatever publication the resident is wanting.


“We have raised and saved 600-thousand dollars so far,” touted Washam “If we can raise at least $1-million we hope to get started with the construction.”


To hear more from KMZU’s Sarah Scott and Regional Branch Manager, Linda Washam, click below:

Linda Washam


There are a number of ways to help with this project. You can contact the library directly or take part in their many fundraising events.


The Friends of the Odessa Library have a Valentine’s Fundraiser/Raffle. They are giving away an Olive Garden gift certificate and two AMC theatre tickets or a Cracker Barrel gift certificate with two AMC movie tickets. The cost $1 per ticket or $5 for six.


Also, the New Horizon Craft Show will be taking place May 3rd at the Presbyterian Church in Odessa and the Odessa Library will have a booth at this event. Linda Washam encourages everyone to come out and support them there.


The big fundraiser will be Cow Patty Bingo held on May 10th, 2014 in conjunction with Attitude Fast Pitch Softball. Washam explains this event in detail in her interview with Sarah Scott. Proceeds from this event will go towards a trip the team plans to take to Oklahoma City as well as towards the construction of the new library.


The new building, which will be 6400 sqr. ft. will come with a price tag of $2-million.