As the Odessa R-Seven School district opens up for the coming school year, student achievement remains a top priority. Click to hear KMZU’s Bob Allen talk with Superintendent Robert Brinkley:

Bob Brinkley

Brinkley believes the state’s changing standards can disrupt current plans. As Missouri moves away from Grade-Level-Expectations and Course-Level-Expectations and prepares to roll out the new Common Core Standards, Brinkley worries that looking ahead may cause some to forget about the here and now. The new standards will be installed in 2013-2014, but many districts are already planning for them, even though students will continue to be tested on the current standards until 2012-2013.

Brinkley says the district is moving forward on various fronts despite not meeting AYP this year. Attendance and graduation rates are both in the mid 90’s and test scores continue to improve across the board, though not with major jumps.