The Odessa Board of Aldermen approved repairs to the city reservoir’s spillway at Monday night’s meeting.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Mayor Justin Murry:

Justin Murry

The city was initially doing the review to complete some crack sealing.  “But with the water being as low as it is, we were able to really do an in-depth inspection and noticed that we had some voids underneath the concrete of the spillway,” said Murry, “And through that, we contacted DNR, they came out and looked, and we actually had to get that fixed pretty quickly.”  Repairs can start this week and the cost is not to exceed $95,000.  They also approved a bid for camera service.  The city has already run a camera through about one-third of their sewer systems to check for problems, and this will cover the final two-thirds.  The Board discussed an invitation to apply for another Community Development Block Grant.  They have already received one worth 500,000 dollars to control trihalomethanes in the water supply, and the new one would be used to fix issues with the sewer.