The Highway Patrol, Marshall Police Department, and Kansas City Southern Railroad participated in an “Officer on a Train” event in Marshall this week.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Sergeant Collin Stosberg:

Collin Stosberg

An engine go back and forth through town on Tuesday.  Stosberg said the enforcement efforts are meant to emphasize the importance of train safety.

They had about 25 people cross in front of the train while the lights were flashing, which is against state law.  “Trains move faster than you think they are because they’re so large,” said Stosberg, “And there were several close calls where individuals would try to beat the train engine.  And it’s awful dangerous to do that.  We just encourage people to take time out of their day and utilize the highest degree of care, especially when they’re at the railroad tracks.”

25 violations were noted and 11 citations were issued.