The Old Threshers Festival is coming up in Shelbina in one week. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott talk with Spokesperson Bert Smith:

Bert Smith

This festival has been held for 26 years. “Our goal is to save part of the equipment from the history and that way of life. We have old antique equipment that we keep running,” said Smith, “We have trains, we have steam engines, tractors, apple presses. We have a museum that shows and old-time kitchen and parlor and bedroom. Then we also have inherited one of the old churches in town, and we have it on our land. And we have a one-room schoolhouse. And we just try to show people -we do free tours for the schools and nursing homes – the way that life was like back in the olden days. And try to preserve that history.”

The festival will run Thursday, September 12th through Sunday, September 15th at the Shelby County Fairgrounds, located just north of Shelbina. Admission on Thursday is free. After that it costs $10, but includes entry for all three days.

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