JEFFERSON City, Mo. — The Missouri Department of Conservation is now offering adults the opportunity to complete the hunter-education course in  a way that is convenient and easy for them.

The online courses is designed to provide Missouri residents with a more flexible way to complete the course all from the comfort of their own home. Anyone wanting to hunt independently during a Missouri firearms season is required to complete the course with a few exceptions.

The class includes videos and animations to help participants learn hunter safety, firearm safety, ethics, regulations, and wildlife management. A final exam will be given after all the course material is completed. A score of 80% or higher has to be reached.

Hunters who were born before January 1, 1967, are 15 and younger and plan to hunt with an adult mentor, have a disability, have purchased an apprentice hunter authorization, or is a landowner hunting on self-owned land may not need to take the course.

For more information, contact your  local Conservation Agent, or visit