Click play below to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson speak with Barb Baker the Director of Advertising for Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company, about their recent donation to the city of Orrick:

Barb Baker

The city of Orrick is still trying to rebuild after a tornado left much destruction in the small town last May. “We had two partner companies in your area that had policy holders who suffered losses in the storm,” said Baker, “So we just kind of put our head together to think about what we could do to help with the community.”

In the wake of the storm community members observed destroyed homes, parts of the school completely demolished, and grain bins that looked like warped metal. Then there was the park, “This is a pretty major park in the community,” Baker stated, “It suffered some pretty devastating damages from the storm. So we’re hoping that we can not only provide financially but maybe have the opportunity to come down and help with the rebuild itself.”

While slides, swings, and round-a-bouts aren’t a necessity, there is no better way for a child to get their mind off of losing their home or part of their school. “When you think of communities, you think of city parks,” Baker explained, “And you think of the amenities that are there. Kids 100 years ago and kids today still want to swing and want to slide; you know it’s that I guess it just gives you a good feeling.”

There is still much to be done and this close knit community is doing what they have to, to get life back to normal. “It’s my understanding is that while they are still waiting for KaBoom! to find a major corporate sponsor,” expressed Baker, “To help with some of the funding, that the city may go ahead and try to do some private fundraising and be able to start the rebuild when the weather gets nice in the spring.”