UPDATE:  10/29/20) – A Lafayette County case sets bond at $50,000 for an Independence woman arrested Monday on several warrants.

Felonies for motor vehicle tampering and stealing are listed in court records against 29 year old Erica Stanley, as well as misdemeanors for making false reports, and leaving the scene of an accident. A warrant was issued yesterday (Wed). No future court dates have been set.

LAFAYETTE COUNTY, MO – An arrest in Lafayette County Monday evening was predicated on felony warrants and additional citations against an Independence resident.

Highway Patrol listed eleven items in the report, including warrants from Ray County Sheriff, and Johnson County KS for Erica Stanley, 29.

Additional felonies recommended by troopers include motor vehicle tampering, leaving the scene of an accident, methamphetamine possession, stealing, and providing false information.

Stanley was taken to Lafayette County Jail for initial holding.