The Trenton Police Department is reminding drivers to be aware of school buses and children as class get back in session. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Police Chief Tommy Wright:

Tommy Wright

Wright said the biggest issues come because people are busy, in a hurry, and distracted. “We just want to prevent any children from getting hit, or any buses from getting hit. You know, obviously everybody is concerned with the safety of our children so I just encourage people to pay attention to the road. Texting while driving normally can be pretty dangerous, but when you start throwing school buses into the mix, and kids at bus stops, certainly that distraction can cause a really big problem for any community.”

Wright reminds drivers that cars must halt whenever a bus is stopped, has its stop arm out, and has the red light sign out. The only exception is on a four-lane road, with two lanes going in both directions.

Wright also encourages parents to go over safety tips with their children before sending them out to the bus stop.

Press Release from the Trenton Police Department

Chief Tommy Wright of the Trenton Police Department advises that the summer is winding down and this means school busses are gearing up to return students to schools across Missouri. Motorists must be mindful of buses and particularly cautious. Distracted drivers and people who speed in school zones are a danger. Chief Wright warns against any activity that might divert attention from the bus’s flashing lights.

Chief Wright said that it is against the law to proceed in any direction when a bus is stopped with the stop arm and signal lights activated.

Chief Wright also encourages parents to review bus and pedestrian safety with their children.

Anyone having questions are encouraged to contact the Trenton Police Department by calling 660-359-5557 or by emailing Chief Wright at [email protected].