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Missouri growers will share their wealth during the Fourth Annual Missouri Peach Days this weekend. “We have a reason to celebrate this season,” said Owner of Peter’s Orchards Paul Peters. “We’re going to be open daily well into November.  We’ve got a decent crop of apples.  There’s not going to be any shortages for us.  Our peach crop is about the same as last year.”

According to Peters, some growers are hurting to make money due to the recent flood.  “I encourage people to come over and make a day of it.  Driving between orchards residents can take advantage of the great wineries.  Lexington always has something interesting to go and see.”

Peters said despite the recent flooding, area orchards are still open.  “Some of our participants are behind road close signs.  A few of the roads dead end because of bridge reconstruction and high water.  Most of these places are open and doing business.”

Orchards and growers from Sibley to Waverly are participating in the week-long festival. Peach Days runs from Saturday through August 7th.

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