Photograph courtesy of a KMZU listener.

It’s not often a pecan is credited for stalling traffic, but in Brunswick one large nut is turning heads. Officials in the “Pecan Capital of Missouri” are attempting to move an iconic sculpture into town. Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talk with Doug Bonderer, the Operations Manager at AGRIServices in Brunswick:

Doug Bonderer

The large pecan is being moved to an empty lot, which was purchased by ASB General Manager Bill Jackson. “It is being placed where the old theater was in Brunswick between the post office and library. The structure was previously located at James Pecans,” Bonderer said.

A large crane will help move the pecan into place on Friday afternoon. “It’s a steal frame with chicken wire wrapped around it. The outside has been blasted with concrete so it is hollow. We really don’t know how much it weighs. We have heard figures ranging from 15,000 to 30,000 pounds,” Bonderer stated.

Bonderer said the pecan was constructed in 1982. He said once the sculpture is in its new location, volunteers will repaint and repair its surface.