More details have become available in the investigation into reports of missing dogs in Livingston County. The Sheriff Department has uncovered a person of interest in southern Missouri. Sheriff Steve Cox says it is not clear if the animals have been stolen. Instead, he says they department will continue to follow up on leads. If you have any information you’re asked to contact the sheriff’s office at (660) 646-0515.

Press Release from the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department

The LCSO has been busy working on potential animal theft investigations. Some of the reported victim’s animals have since been returned home. However, one tip has led us to southern Missouri where a person of interest is sought for additional questioning. The person allegedly told a southern Missouri agency that he was in Livingston County delivering certain items; this was after his vehicle was reported as suspicious and in proximity to a location of a missing dog(s). We are continuing to work with that organization to follow-up in obtaining additional information. Stealing any animal is a felony violation in Missouri. Please understand that we have not yet established that any dogs have been stolen at the present time. We do have several reports of missing dogs and some of those reports include interesting information which raises our concern of potential theft. Investigation continues. We do ask that people report suspicious activity and suspicious vehicles or any other related information you may have.