Photograph courtesy of the Pettis County Commission.

Crews in Pettis County have spent 2012 working to maintain and replace bridges in the area.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to Commissioner John Meehan:

John Meehan

“With the financial assistance of MoDOT, we placed four bridges in a program where there is an 80-20 match,” said Meehan,” The county puts up 20 percent of it and the federal government, through the Missouri Department of Transportation, covers the remaining 20 percent.”

According to Meehan, the projects are in various phases.  “One of them was just completed in its replacement,” said Meehan,” It’s located on Higgins Road.  Another right down the road from that one, is in the final stages of the engineering and it is scheduled for replacement in the spring of 2013.  We also have construction bids for Garrison Road which is a bridge in the southeast portion of Pettis County. The last project is on Quisenberry Road and a construction company will be selected on December 21st with work beginning shortly.”

In addition to these four bridges, the county commission also approved the replacement of the deck on a bridge located on South Grand that was recently damaged by fire.