The Pettis County Courthouse Memorial utilizing pieces from the former one destroyed by fire in 1920 has been completed.

Click to hear KMZU’s Brad Hartman talk with dedication spokesperson Judy Parkhurst:

Judy Parkhurst

Press Release from Pettis County

The Pettis County Courthouse Memorial utilizing pieces from the courthouse destroyed by fire in 1920 has been completed and a dedication will be Thursday, January 12, 2012, at 9:30 am in front of the memorial. If we experience inclement weather, the dedication will be inside the courthouse on the first floor.

This project has been in the making since the discovery of the capitals by John Simmons in 1995. John Simmons, Sedalia Community Development, and Meg Liston Director of Downtown Development, approached Rusty Kahrs who was serving as Presiding Commissioner to initiate the utilization of the historical pieces in a memorial.

Rob Rollins, Rollins Architects, provided a suggested drawing for the memorial and Judy Parkhurst was appointed as the coordinator for this project. A committee was formed as follows: Construction: Jack McIntosh (Septagon Industries), Rob Rollins, Rollins Architects, Andrew Treuner, (Robert Treuner Masonry); Historical: Meg Liston, Becky Imhauser, Bill Claycomb; Fundraising: Judy Parkhurst, Rosie Wilson. An important addition came when John Beykirch made the monument his Eagle Scout Service Project and became project co-coordinator.

The resulting memorial was 100% privately funded with the Pettis County Commissioners and the Pettis County Courthouse Steering Committee helping in an advisory positions.