The Pettis County Commissioners made a major announcement concerning possible economic development Thursday morning.  Click to hear KMZU’s Bob Allen talk with Pettis County Director of Technology James Theisen:

James Theisen

Theisen says they’ve received a grant to examine the amount of solid waste created by area companies.  The feasibility study will determine how much recyclable and reusable waste is generated in Pettis, Saline, Lafayette, Morgan, and Johnson Counties.  The purpose is to investigate if these types of refuse can be re-purposed into usable formats.

At this time, many businesses in the area ship these types of waste out of the area for disposal.  By keeping them closer to home, it would reduce costs for exporting the unusable product and could possibly create growth.

According to Theisen, the results of the survey could lead to major action in Missouri as state agencies examine the possibility of creating a state-wide initiative to draw in these types of corporations..

The county is receiving more than $27,000 to complete the study.