PETTIS COUNTY, Mo. — A woman was charged with four felonies following a drug investigation in Pettis County.

According to a probable cause statement from the Pettis County Circuit Court, Skylar Gene Newland, 21, was found to have 61 grams of marijuana on her persons, as well as 2.8 grams of methamphetamine.

The discovery came after an officer conducting a drug investigation on the vehicle she was in was pulled over for a faulty rear plate light. After the vehicle was pulled over, the officer who was originally conducting the drug investigation asked if Newland had any drugs on her. She admitted to having about $350 worth of marijuana as well as the methamphetamine.

Newland admitted the last time she had used the methamphetamine was the same morning prior to her arrest.

Also in the vehicle were Newland’s two children.

Newland was then transported to Pettis County Jail and placed on a 24-hour hold.

She is being charged with two felony counts of possession of a controlled substance as well as two felony counts of endangering the welfare of child involving drugs in the first degree.

Newland’s bond information is not available but she will have a bond reduction hearing on August 1 at 1:30 p.m. in the Pettis County Circuit Court in Sedalia.