The Chillicothe Area Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Chillicothe released tickets to their annual Piccadilly event Tuesday morning.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to Chamber Executive Director Lindy Chapman:

Lindy Chapman

According to organizers, the available tickets didn’t last long.  “We opened our doors at 8:30,” said Chapman,” There were probably 20 to 25 women in line at that point.  We had two stations once they were inside and they could purchase from either one.  Within 15 minutes, we had sold out.”

According to Chapman, this sets a new record for the event.  “We’re really honestly as stunned as everyone else,”said Chapman,” Last year we sold out in just under six hours.  We all had thoughts that we might sell out in the morning, but it would certainly be close to lunch.  We didn’t dream it would sell out that fast.”

Due to a change of venue, organizers are able to accommodate nearly 350 individuals for the women’s-only event to be held at Good Time Charlie’s the evening of March 7th.