Click below to listento KMZU’s Ashley Johnson speak with Pilot Grove Craft Show board member Sue Day:

Sue Day

The Pilot Grove C-4 school is opening their doors from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. today for the annual craft show.  This years selection will be diverse with over 50 vendors in attendance.  “Quilts and table runners, things like that,” said Day, “We’ve got a scentsy person, the Missouri Cattle woman will have a booth, and we have some of the local people make wreaths and unique thing out of window frames and that type of thing.  We’re going to have several different types of jewelry, we’ll have a lot of hand crafted items, knitted things, crochet things, and just a unique variety.”

During the days event, lunch and drinks will be offered and all funds raised will go towards a great cause.  “The event is sponsored buy the Pilot Grove community building,” Day said, “We are in the midst of trying to do some renovations on our building.  We have a lot of big plans, but of course you know how some of that is fairly expensive, so we have several different thing through the year to raise money.  We want to put a new ceiling in and a few other things in our large room that we rent out for family reunions, weddings, and things like that.”