The Odessa Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing Thursday night on proposed changes to the City’s livestock ordinance. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Community Planning and Economic Development Director Will Osborne:

Will Osborne

The group has been considering the issue of chickens and poultry within city limits.

“The understanding was that chickens were not allowed in the city, as they were defined as livestock. But that was not specifically referenced by name and code,” said Osborne, “And so, what the Planning and Zoning Commission made in its recommendation, that will move forward to the Board of Aldermen, is that the two words ‘and poultry’ will be added to a list of animals that are defined as livestock.”

Two residents spoke against allowing poultry during Thursday’s meeting.

“I think that they consider that as part of their deliberation in making their recommendation to the Board.”

Osborne does not expect much opposition in the future, as Thursday’s meeting was the most appropriate venue for the public to give their input.

The Board of Aldermen will have the final vote on the issue. They are expected to consider the change at one of their upcoming meetings.