PLATTE CITY, Mo. (AP) — Platte County authorities say the death of a man is being investigated as a possible homicide. Officers were called to a home in a rural section of the county twice Tuesday. They found the man dead on the second call. A relative of the dead man was questioned in the death.

Credit: AP

Press Release from the Platte Co. Sheriff’s Office:

The Platte County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the possible homicide of a 56 year old white male at a residence in the 18000 block of Interurban Road. Sheriff’s deputies responded to two disturbance calls at the residence earlier today. The first call was received shortly before 2pm. The second call was received shortly after 3pm.  Investigators with the Sheriff’s Office are currently speaking with a 59 year old relative of the deceased who is considered a person of interest. At this time the name of the victim and the person of interest are not being released to allow for family notifications.