(Update): As of 4:14 p.m. 05/02/14 The Chillicothe Police Department reports the monkey was found and has been euthanized.

The Chillicothe Police Department is warning residents Friday of an escaped animal that may pose a public danger.

According to the press release a local resident reported to the department that his White-Faced Capuchin Monkey had escaped its cage and was loose. The animal was last seen near the intersection of Brunswick and Violet Streets and has also been reported in different areas of Chillicothe.

The police department is advising citizens to NOT approach or attempt to catch the monkey. If you see the animal you are urged to contact the police department immediately by dialing 911.

Press Release from the Chillicothe Police Department

The Chillicothe Police Department wants to advise our citizens of a monkey that has escaped its owner’s cage and has not been caught in Chillicothe, MO.

The monkey is a white faced Capuchin.  DO NOT APPROACH OR ATTEMPT TO CATCH THIS ANIMAL.  If you see this animal, please call the Police Department at 646-2121, or call 911. 

The monkey was last seen near the area of Brunswick Street and Violet Street but it has also been seen in several different areas of town.

Below is a photo of what the monkey may look like.

What a White-Faced Capuchin monkey looks like.

What a White-Faced Capuchin monkey looks like.