The Sweet Springs Police Chief is pushing to keep a federal safety program funded.  Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade speak with Chief Dick Downing:

Dick Downing

The Department of Justice has funded Project Child Safe for several years, but that funding has been reduced.

Downing sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder requesting the DOJ keep sending out child safe gun locks with federal funds.  He received a response regarding their local success story.

“We have given out gun locks for quite some time.  We have tought diffferent programs using our child safe gun locks.  Put them out into the community,” said Downing, “Back when we used to check game from the game warden here at our station, everybody that brought game in we’d be sure that they had a gun lock before they left.  Just trying to spread these things around more and more so we don’t have to worry about our children or anyone else getting hurt with them.”

Downing said he is not aware of any firearms injuries in Sweet Springs in the past ten years.  He estimates the department has distributed more than 600 gun locks through the program.

Residents can also pick up gun safety flyers at the department, which is located at 324 South Miller Street in Sweet Springs.