Jeffery Nichols

Christopher Lewis

Authorities have identified the 92-year-old woman killed in Moberly on Sunday.  According to preliminary autopsy results, Carmelita Kaser died of an apparent stab wound to her neck.

A pair of Macon residents were arrested and charged Monday with Kaser’s death.  Jeffery Nichols, 22, and Christopher Lewis, 18, are each being held on first-degree murder charges.

Moberly police said Kaser’s body was found at her home in the 400 block of Morehead Street while officers were investigating a string of vehicle thefts and shootings across Randolph County late Sunday night.  Nichols and Lewis have also been linked to those crimes, but formal charges had not been filed at the time of this report.  However, prosecutors have said that they expect to add charges to the case.

Investigators said the two men allegedly began their spree with a shoplifting incident at a Walmart store in Moberly.  The probable cause statement indicates Nichols and Lewis might have obtained the weapon detectives believed was used to kill Kaser at that time.

The duo is then accused of opening fire on two people at a home on Route D.  Police believe Nichols and Lewis were also involved in two residential burglaries, one of those being Kaser’s home, and vehicle thefts in Higbee, Moberly, and Macon.

The names of three other victims, including the two individuals who were shot, are not being released by the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department, a police spokesperson said in an email to news agencies on Tuesday afternoon.

Bond for Nichols and Lewis was set at $1 million each.

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