This week, members of the National Pork Board will learn details of a new branding initiative and consumer marketing campaign.  Board members will get their first glimpse of the new campaign during their two-day business meeting Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.  To make sure delegates are the first audience to see the campaign before it is introduced to the general public in April, the board’s Wednesday session will be closed.  However, the board’s Thursday session will be open to the public.
Gene Nemechek, a North Carolina swine veterinarian and president of the National Pork Board, says – the unveiling is the culmination of a year-long examination of all of our marketing efforts to give us, as pork producers, the best chance to get our consumers to fall in love with pork all over again.  According to Nemechek, the new campaign is – designed to help us meet some very ambitious marketing goals, including – a 10 percent increase in real per capita domestic consumer expenditures for pork, compared to 2009.
The three critical issues the plan addresses are:

1/ Protecting the rights and ability of U.S. farmers to produce pork in a socially responsible and cost-competitive manner

2/ Refreshing and repositioning pork’s image to increase domestic and international consumer demand

3/ Pursuing strategies to enable U.S. pork producers to remain competitive globally.