The Odessa Planning and Zoning Commission have been dealing with complaints of poultry inside city limits. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott talk with Community Planning and Economic Director, Will Osborne.

Will Osborne

After receiving complaints of chickens in residential areas of Odessa, the code compliance officer sent residents to the Board of Aldermen. “It was broght to ouir attention that there are some people who wanted to have chickens made legal in residential zones, and so they approached the Board of Alderman with a request to change the law, and the Board of Aldermen provided the citizens with the understanding that they would need to go to the Planning and Zoning Commission,” Osborne said.

Osborne adds that the definition of livestock may need to be changed. “The Planning and Zoning Commission asked for staff to provide clarification in the code language for livestock, to add the word poultry in there. Staff’s position is that the code is inclusive of all forms of livestock, which would include chickens, but the Planing and Zoning Commission wants to make sure that people would have a common understanding by seeing the word in code, referring to the definition of livestock,” Osborne goes on.

the Planning and Zoning Commission will not change the ordinance to allow chickens in residential areas, but would like the definition language changed. A public hearing will be held in September before a final decision is made.