Speaking in New Hampshire yesterday, President Obama called on Congress – to eliminate the oil industry giveaway right away.  I want them to vote on this in the next few weeks. Right now the Federal government is subsidizing big oil to the tune of 4-billion dollars a year. The President was speaking to students and others at Nashua Community College in Nashua, New Hampshire.

The President made this challenge, – let’s put every single member of Congress on record:  You can stand with the oil companies, or you can stand up for the American people.  You can keep subsidizing a fossil fuel that’s been getting taxpayer dollars for a century, or you can place your bets on a clean-energy future.

Most of the President’s speech focused on energy. He eluded to clean energy when he said –  we’ve got to have an all-of-the-above strategy that develops every single source of American energy.

NAFB News Service