State Fair Community College and the University of Central Missouri signed an agreement that would make it easier for students to transfer between the two schools.  SFCC President Dr. Marsha Drennon and UCM President Dr. Charles Ambrose inked the document Tuesday on the SFCC campus.

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with UCM,” Drennon said in a press release issued Tuesday. “Students will be able to transfer seamlessly between the two colleges, making it easier for them to complete their degree programs. Students will enjoy access to library and athletic facilities and other resources at both SFCC and UCM. It’s a wonderful opportunity for our students.”

Ambrose said the agreement continues a longstanding relationship that has existed between SFCC and UCM.

“We’re proud to continue to collaborate with SFCC to look for ways we can better serve our students,” Ambrose said. “Opportunities such as this agreement formalize this commitment, while also contributing to the overall quality of the students’ experience in higher education and ultimately their success.”

According to Ambrose, the joint effort between SFCC and UCM is also consistent with the state’s efforts to aid student retention and make education more accessible to Missouri students through legislation that enables them to more seamlessly transfer credits between two- year and four-year institutions.

Both schools are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and recognize credits earned by other regionally accredited colleges and universities.


 SFCC students will be granted junior status in UCM undergraduate programs if they have completed the Associate of Arts or Associate of Arts in Teaching degree from SFCC. UCM will accept all college-level credit from SFCC, though some credit may be elective credit.

 UCM students may transfer credits for course work earned at UCM to SFCC in order to complete some requirements for an associate degree.

This “reverse transfer” agreement also would enable SFCC students who transfer to UCM before receiving their associate degrees to complete them, pending their further efforts toward obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

 Students at SFCC and UCM may participate in a dual admission program in which they may transfer from one institution to the other, alternate enrollment between the two institutions or co-enroll in both institutions at their discretion.

*Information from State Fair Community College and the University of Central Missouri