This year’s drought stress has created a highly variable crop. Participants of the western leg of the 20th Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour have seen Nebraska corn and soybean fields show a variation from region to region. DuPont Pioneer Field Agronomist Chris Woerner says farmers are finding variations within hybrids on a single farm…

West Leg – NE day 2

With crop development being maturity driven – Woerner says the earlier the crop was tasseling, silking and going through the early grain fill – the more favorable the yield forecast – as there was more moisture available in the soil profile early on. So with the same maturity – hybrid one could out-perform another based on the crop’s silk date.
On the eastern leg, the Pro Farmer numbers from the Hoosier state suggests an average just over 113-bushels per acre. Iowa Farmer Chris Barron is participating this year.  He says some Indiana fields will bring in a higher yield but a lot of lower producing acreage will bring the average way down…

East Leg IN Day 2

For a three-square feet area of a bean field in Indiana – the average number of pods were estimated at 1033. The eastern leg of the tour continues through Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota.

Results from the latest portion of the tour show the projected corn yield down 21% in Indiana and 14.3% in Nebraska.  The average yield in the Husker State was pegged at 131.8 bushels per acre, down from its 2011 estimate of 153.7 bushels.  In Indiana, the average yield of 113.3 bushels per acre was down from 143.1 bushels a year ago.

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