The shooting range at the Ralph and Martha Perry Memorial Conservation Area in Warrensburg is closed this week for maintenance work.   Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross speak with Missouri Department of Conservation Media Specialist Bill Graham:

Bill Graham

Graham explained the various projects on the schedule. “This is just some fairly routine maintenance work where we’ll shore up some of the berms that serve as backstops for targets, a little work around the parking lot edges on some erosion issues, and then they do plan to upgrade some of the shooting benches that is used for target shooting.”

While the area is scheduled to reopen on August 1st, Graham said that could vary. “A little bit depends on when our MDC crews get there to work on things and then how long it takes,” said Graham, “It’s possible the closed signs will come down a little early. It may just take a few days, but they could also run into something that takes a little longer.”

The remainder of the conservation area will be open during this time.

Press Release:

The shooting range at the Ralph and Martha Perry Memorial Conservation Area will be closed for maintenance work during the week of July 28. The work is expected to take a few days. Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) staff will be repairing berms, upgrading shooting benches and making parking lot improvements. The range is in Johnson County north of Warrensburg.

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