Lafayette County Prosecutor, Kellie Wingate Campbell,  has been chosen to serve as the president of the board of directors for the Missouri Victim Assistance Network.  The board was established in 1983 and strives to fight for victims’ rights.  They continually work to ensure victim advocacy throughout the state and to facilitate training programs for victim service providers.  This focus seems to fall in line with Campbell’s work in the prosecutor’s office.  Since taking the position in 2009, the county has set annual record highs for the amount of money repaid to crime victims.

Campbell graduated from law school in 1988 and served as assistant prosecutor in both Buchanan and Clinton counties before being appointed in Lafayette County.

The board’s accomplishments include securing the Missouri Crime Victim’s Constitutional Amendment, the Missouri’s Victim’s Bill of Rights, and revenue for victim compensation.  A full look at the MOVA can be found at

Press Release:

Lafayette County Prosecutor Kellie Wingate Campbell has been elected president of the board of directors for the Missouri Victim Assistance Network (MOVA), a statewide organization created in 1983 to support victims of crime and to enact and enforce victims’ rights laws.  The board consists of professionals from around the state in the fields of prosecution and law enforcement, the Department of Corrections, Mothers Against Drunk Driving and victim advocacy agencies who share the same goal of giving victims a voice in the criminal justice system.  The board meets at least quarterly to discuss legislation affecting victims’ rights, to ensure strong victim advocacy throughout Missouri and to facilitate trainings for victim service providers.

Campbell was nominated to serve on the board in 2011 by Buchanan County Prosecutor Dwight K. Scroggins, a colleague and former employer.  Scroggins was honored earlier this year at a statewide conference for two decades of active support of victims’ rights in Missouri.  Since Campbell took office in February of 2009, the amount of restitution collected for victims of crime has substantially increased as offenders re-pay victims for their medical bills, stolen goods and damaged property, setting annual record highs in Lafayette County for money repaid to crime victims.

Since its inception, MOVA has successfully secured the Missouri Crime Victims’ Constitutional Amendment, the Missouri’s Victims’ Bill of Rights, revenue for victim compensation, law enforcement partnerships for training on domestic and sexual violence, and a statewide Victim Advocate Program.  MOVA established the Missouri Victim Assistance Tribute Fund in 1999 as a means of honoring or commemorating individuals designated by the donor.  Tribute Fund donations help advance MOVA’s efforts on behalf of victims.  MOVA offers general membership to anyone wishing to support victims of crime.  More information can be found at