Area residents are being asked to provide feedback on the conditions of a stretch of I-70.  The Missouri Department of Transportation has launched a Second Tier Environmental Impact Statement.  Click to hear MoDOT Spokesperson Allan Zafft:

Allan Zafft

Press Release from the Missouri Department of Transportation

KANSAS CITY – The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) is beginning a Second Tier Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) of I-70 in Kansas City, Missouri. The study area includes approximately seven miles of I-70 from The Paseo interchange on the west to the Blue Ridge Cutoff interchange on the east. The Second Tier EIS is the latest step in MoDOT’s effort to plan for the future
of I-70.

MoDOT is kicking off the public portion of the study by hosting an on-going town hall meeting at The forum begins today and runs through spring of 2014. The public can use the site to share their thoughts and views about the conditions and safety of the highway as well as the possible improvement alternatives that could address stated issues and concerns. Anyone with an interest in I-70 in Kansas City can lend his or her voice to the conversation. Register at

Meanwhile, MoDOT will hold regular meetings with the study’s Community Advisory Group (CAG). The CAG is charged with helping to share the progress of the study with the neighborhoods, businesses, and local communities that it represents while also communicating their concerns and perspectives to MoDOT. What’s more, the public will be provided with access to MoDOT’s Community Connections Team (CCT) of specialists who can meet with individuals one-on-one or in small groups to discuss the issues and concerns of their neighborhoods, businesses, community organizations, associations, and councils. Visit to contact the CCT and host a presentation.

A public meeting will be held in April of 2012 to introduce the Second Tier EIS to the community and gather input from them about the study’s draft Purpose and Need. MoDOT’s Voice Van will be stationed at popular gathering spots along the corridor to hear the public’s views on the study.

MoDOT is using the online town hall meeting at, CAG, CCT, Voice Van and a wide range of other media to connect with the I-70 community throughout the study process. The input that the public provides will be essential to the success of the project and will help MoDOT better understand the impact of potential improvement alternatives early in the process rather than later.