JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The governor’s Innovation Task Force is reaching out to innovators and entrepreneurs across the state of Missouri to hear input on how to make the state for friendly for tech start-ups and next-generation job creation.

Following workshops in Kansas City, St. Louis, Columbia and Springfield, the Innovation Task Force has started crafting policy recommendations on to turn Missouri into a top state for innovation.

“We know this is an ambitious goal,” said chief operating officer of Missouri, Drew Erdmann, “When you look at our asses across the state, though, we really do have the potential to achieve it. This is not a theoretical exercise just to bring people together to talk. We need to have action.”

Innovators and entrepreneurs can be beneficial to the state’s economic well being and the creation of jobs. The Innovation Task Force is hoping to identify smart and efficient ways to support a dynamic community of innovators and entrepreneurs in Missouri.

“This is part of a broad based strategy for economic development in Missouri,” said Rob Dixon, acting director of the Missouri Department of Economic Development, “Missouri is home to many large and successful global corporations that started small, right here by innovators and entrepreneurs. We want to systematically encourage and help the next generations of these businesses grow.”

The Innovation Task Force will host its final workshop on July 31 in Cape Girardeau on July 31. They are expected to have their work completed by the end of August.