The Show-Me-Select replacement heifer program was started in this region in 1997 and the sale to be held on Dec. 11, 2010 will be the fourteenth sale for Northeast Missouri. During this 14 year period 23,200 head of heifers have gone through the SMS heifer program. The majority of these heifers are kept on the farm as replacements for the producers who are enrolled in the program.

An annual sale is held each year where 3950 heifers have sold including the upcoming sale on Dec. 11. The sale has brought in $4,081,780 in sales to the Northeast agriculture economy. The first sale in 1997 only averaged $789 per head with the 2009 sale average being $1273 on 145 head. The highest sale average was in 2005 when 282 head averaged $1429 per head.

In addition to the annual sale approximately 3000 head of the Show-Me-Select heifers have been sold directly off the farm. This added another 3.3 million to the area farm economy. In order to qualify for the Show-Me-Select program heifers must meet several requirements. A strict vaccination program at weaning, breeding, and prior to the sale is required for all heifers. A minimum requirement for pelvic size must be met and reproduction tracts must be sound. Probably the most important requirement is the calving ease score required for all service sires bred to SMS heifers. For example Angus bulls must have a 7.0 calving ease score or higher to meet requirements. An early preg-check is done on each heifer so as to project exact breeding dates. Ultrasound is used to do this and has proved to be 90% accurate.

The 2010 Northeast SMS heifer sale will be held Saturday, Dec. 11, 12:30 p.m. at F & T Livestock Market, Palmyra, MO. One hundred seventy heifers will sell. These are mostly Angus and Angus cross heifers and will be 98% black and BWF.

For more information or catalogs contact Al Kennett, 573 985-3911 or Zac Erwin 573-767-5273.