Three Board Members of the Ray County Health Department will be elected.  The candidates are Vicki Long, Joan Lewis, Alice Janett Jones, and Rita May.

Voters in the Caldwell County School District will choose two members of the Board of Education.  Kristi Moore, Larry Shoe, Crystal Phipps, Mindy Tuck, and Gloria Leamer are vying for the position.   A one-year position is also up for a vote.  Those candidates are Terry Parker, Rachel Hunt, Rhonda James, and Michelle Haughton.

Three people are on the ballot for the Excelsior Springs board of Education.  Voters will elect two.  Kristi Shewell, Charles Harkins III, and Matt Hartwig are on the ballot.

In the Hardin-Central School District, James Wollard, Kent Wheeler, Jane Weisz, Linda Craven, Michael McNelly, and Stacy Nolker are running for two positions on the Board of Education.

Two members of the Lawson Board of Education will be voted on.  Brian Bush, Mark Porth, Brenda Thies, Steven Pickett, and Kurt Benedict are on the ballot.

Some Ray County Voters will have a say in the Norborne School District’s Board of Education.  Mary Patty, Stacie Russell, and Cara Newham are vying for the position.

The Richmond School District has two Board of Education members up for a vote.  The candidates are Tom Williamson, Jeffrey “Top” McWilliams, Billy Gaines, April Maulsby, Rosita Dial, John Scowley, and Chris Minnick.

Voters will be able to consider several issues relating to area fire protection districts.

Two Board Members of the Lawson Commnity Fire and Rescue Protection District will be elected.  Tim Broughton, Dean Craig, Vester Cates, and Marvin Shepherd are on the ballot.

Christopher (Kit) Smith and Jerry Butler are vying for a position on the Wood Heights Fire District Board of Directors.

Voters in the Wood Heights District will also be asked to levy an additional tax of no more than 25 cents per $100 valuation to support the district.

In Camden, voters will decide whether to renew a tax levy increase of about nine cents per $100 for four years.  This would bring the Camden Fire levy up to about 24 cents per $100.

Voters in Henrietta will have the option to continue a 30 cent tax levy per $100 for fire protection services.

Two candidates are on the ballot for the Hardin Special Road District Commissioner.  Those are Stephen Shirly and Kirk Ellis.

Debbie Jacobson and Vicke McIndoo are vying for the Commissioner of the Crystal Lakes Special Road District.

In the city of Camden, Patricia Kelly and Rodney Gorham are on the ballot for Council Ward 2.

A renewal of a tax increase is also on the ballot in Camden.  If approved, residents would continue to pay about $1.29 per $100 of assessed valuation for street improvement and maintenance.

In the city of Crystal Lakes, Carolyn Craford, Vickie Lynn McIndoo, and Bernadette Fox are looking to be elected for a position as Alderman.

A smoking ban is up for a vote in Excelsior Springs.  If passed, smoking would be prohibited in enclosed places of employment and enclosed public places.

Three candidates are vying for two openings as Alderman at Large in the City of Fleming.  Randy Estenbaum, Mike Tanner, and Janice Anderson are on the ballot.

A ten cent tax per $100 to be used for public parks will be put before voters in Henrietta.

In Lawson, voters will choose between Nicole Kistner and Sharon Lawrence for Ward One Alderman.